More and more, employers are expanding their benefits package to include a vision plan component. And the reason is clear. The cost savings on wellness eye exams and corrective eyewear through A. T. Group’s vision insurance programs can total 50%, 75% or even more when compared with out-of-pocket costs for these same services without vision care coverage. And because routine vision examinations can also enhance an individual’s health and well being, lead to early detection of a potentially serious medical conditions, improve worker productivity, and save medical claim dollars, the advantages of a vision plan become even clearer.

A. T. Group’s vision plans deliver outstanding value to benefits managers and employees alike. We work with you to provide benefits packages that offer important preventative care for your employees at attractive, affordable rates. With many plans offered on a voluntary basis, your organization can offer highly valued vision plan coverage to your employees with no premium cost to your organization.

There are many options to choose from when selecting a group vision benefits policy. The process is much easier when you have the guidance of an experienced insurance specialist. Contact A. T. Group at 877-902-8898 for a free evaluation of your business’s needs and receive a quote for group vision insurance.

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