We are A.T. Group.

A.T. Group was formed in 1982 for the specific purpose of working with public groups, cities, counties, schools, public utilities, and other governmental agencies.

Throughout our 30+ year history as an independent agency, we have successfully filled the need for service in the governmental arena. A.T. Group provides employee benefits programs to over 170 public entity groups across the state of Minnesota.

We are confident in our ability to provide and service a cost effective employee benefits programs for our clients. Working with the public sector in the development and implementation of employee benefits programs has also made us uniquely well very versed in the rules and guidelines these groups must follow relating to continuation laws and other specific state statues.

The needs of your employees are our first and foremost concern. You will benefit from our sincere concern for our clients and their employees as well as the service and support that we have become known for across Minnesota, Wisconsin and North Dakota.

As a part of your “Benefits Team” we strive to remain flexible and will work to do whatever it takes to meet your needs. We believe our service sets us apart from the crowd.  Our clientele has consistently grown each year and based on the continual need for superior service we expect this trend to continue. We are confident you will find our services valuable and our knowledge of public groups unparalleled.

A.T. Group is located in the North Metro area of Minneapolis, MN.  From this location we service cities and counties across the State of Minnesota, from City of Ely in the north, to the City of Willmar in the west, the City of Kasson in the south to a large number of public groups located throughout the state of Minnesota.

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