COBRA administration is a complex process, governed by constantly changing rules and regulations.  Worse, virtually every aspect of COBRA is extremely time-sensitive, so prompt and proper actions are critical.

Managing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) related absences is a difficult and demanding job. Aside from administrative headaches, mismanagement poses substantial risks of which your clients may not be fully aware. Employers who tackle it on their own can find themselves in a seemingly no-win situation, with outcomes ranging from serious legal and financial consequences to increased absenteeism because of employee abuse.

Today, outsourcing FMLA and COBRA administration is increasingly viewed as the sensible solution to minimize employers’ liability and alleviate their administrative burden.


The concept behind COBRA is fairly simple, but the administration and compliance regulations are more difficult to keep up with. This is why the A.T. Group offers COBRA administration support to businesses. We are experts on COBRA and HIPAA compliance and administration – allow us to deal with the complexities of these programs so you can concentrate on your bottom line.

A.T. Group will provide you with the following COBRA insurance and HIPAA administrative benefits:

  • Reduce risk by ensuring compliance with COBRA and HIPAA regulations
  • Administration of HIPAA Certificates of Creditable Coverage
  • Provide direct billing for employees who have retired or are on a leave of absence
  • Communicate all elections and changes to carriers
  • COBRA eligibility management
  • Open enrollment services
  • Collect and track premium payments

When you outsource to the A.T.Group, you are assured compliance with both COBRA insurance and HIPAA requirements. We can provide your organization with a level of protection and expertise that you may not have the time for. Not only do we provide administrative services, but consulting and evaluative services as well.

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